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Energy Ratings

Window Energy Rated (WER) and what it means

Energy Efficient - A rated windowsThe BFRC Window Energy Rating (WER) method includes all of the relevant factors in the energy efficiency of a window, as well as including the ‘loss factors’ such as U-value, it also includes the ‘gain factors’ such as the solar heat gain.

Informed decisions making for the homeowner
It provides consumers with clear identification of energy efficient products to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions. For windows, the BFRC Rating and the BFRC label provides a ‘better ruler’ to establish the total energy performance of a rated window.

Energy labels allow buyers to compare and select products based on the product’s specific energy performance rather than on manufacturers claimed values. Window Energy Rating (WER), identifies energy saved by installing WER rated window

Accredited WER windows work on the same principle as energy efficient labelling used on domestic products, like washing machines.

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Energy efficient windows = A Rated Energy Saving Windows