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A Rated Windows

What are Omega ECO Window Energy Rated windows?
Our windows have achieved the Window Energy Rating (WER) C rating and above, as certified by the BFRC. Our products are proven to help improve the overall energy efficiency of the whole window.
February 2004

How is energy saved by fitting Omega WER windows?
Omega WER windows are more efficient than a standard window. With less energy being lost, the householder would require less and therefore save fuel and have reduced heating costs, as well as having reduced carbon emissions.

How is this achieved?
An important factor in the Omega energy efficient window is its U-value. A window with a low U value loses less heat than one with a high U-value. Omega ensures that every component of the whole window contributes to a better U-value. These include:

  • The type of glazing material.
  • The number of glazing layers.
  • The size of the cavity between the glazing layers.
  • The type of gas in the cavity between the glazing layers.
  • The design, material and type of frame and the other components.


Environmentally friendly
Our low carbon window
Our main supplier of PVCu profile has worked with the Carbon Trust since 2002. Between 2005 & 2007 it reduced its carbon footprint per tonne of profile extruded by 27%.

All production is UK based which means any raw materials are not shipped from elsewhere in the world, so that it contributes to carbon savings and supports the local employment and economy.

Average window uses little under 20 meters of profile and produces 6kg of carbon. The energy saved from installing a WER-rated window, could offset the carbon used to manufacture the profile within months.

Myths about PVCu windows
PVC is Dangerous in Fires? Contrary to this, PVC is extremely difficult to ignite. If ignited it self-extinguishes. PVC will not spread a flame.

PVCu Windows have a long life cycle with a life expectancy of 35 years, compared to timber, which is much less

PVC can be recycled up to seven times and has a material life cycle of over 200 years.

There is no such thing as a totally sustainable material whether it is steel, aluminium, composites, PVC-u or even wood.


Our suppliers are heavily involved in recycling of window frames. We choose to partner with companies with a strong environmental policy and credentials. We work with recycling companies of PVCu material with our offcuts & post-consumer window frames.

Significant investment has been made in new equipment to recycle post-consumer PVCu window frames.

Our PVCu window profile is manufactured by the UK’s leader, WHS Halo, which incorporates as much recycled material into profile as possible. The company itself has recycled 96% of waste generated onsite in 2007 with a target of Zero waste to landfill by 2010.


Energy efficient windows = A Rated Energy Saving Windows